What would you like to learn?

I’m in the process of creating some tutorial videos for World Machine, some targeted at a brand-new user finding their way around, and some others for more advanced users.

So: what would you like to learn about? Are there any features that have always been confusing and you would like a better explanation of how to use them?

Reply to this post and hopefully it can happen!

I would love to learn how to make mountains like this:


Making simple plug-ins. A step-by-step example; setting up the compiler, some “hows” and “whys.” :smiley:

How to create/use Texture Atlases instead of MegaTextures.


A tutorial on how to use the layout generator would be fine.

I know this is pretty old, but here it goes and hopefully you’ll see this post :slight_smile:

I’d love some tutorials on creating macros, and using some of the advanced nodes in “Parameters” and “Flow Control”

Dealing in worldspace and floating point information (in 16 32 bit exr etc). So I know that the values I am using in worldmachine and maya are the same. (does that make sence)



I would like to see a video tutorial covering the features from 5.2 to 5.6 (Layout Generator, Creating and using Layout Shapes) of the User Guide in combination with a hand drawn sketch please for specific placement of features such as roads, rivers, lakes, hills, slopes (man made excavation) combined with erosion filters to make terrains as example like below:

  • Landscaping
  • Mining Site,Golf Course
  • Game Level


A tut on creating multiple layers of blending textures would be nice. I only ever get as far as creating a texture with one Basic Overlay device. It’s very nice at what it does, but it’s limited if you’re trying to texture different geographic regions and features. I’m sure this is actually not that difficult but I just never seem to get around to trying it :slight_smile: