Why Library Output do not export files on Tiled Build?

Library Output is very comfortable way of moving files between projects. I tried to use it in Project1 to move them into Project2, but Tiled Build do not export them. Is it a bug?

  1. Library Output do not export file.
  2. It happen consistently.
  3. How to reproduce: try to export file through Library Output node using TiledBuild. Screenshot:

Yeah the Library output does not take part in tiled builds. Its just one big memory dump. If you want to export tiles, use the regular outputs, and make sure the tiled builds are on for each of those output devices. Library output is just meant to be a fixed resolution single tile memory dump for Library input to consume. Maybe in the future it supports tiled builds, but not yet.

TLDR; It’s not a “Bug”, its a “Feature request”.

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