WM 2.3.6 and now available!

New bug fix releases are available on the Release and Development channels, respectively. One of the important fixes is for customers using NVIDIA quadro cards – they will no longer experience corruption in the device workview!

Here’s the changelogs:

WM 2.3.6:

A bugfix release to fix the following issues:

  • Fixed display corruption issue with NVIDIA Quadro cards
  • Fixed issue with sizing slider in file input sometimes responding erratically
  • Fixed RGB PNG export failure for >2GB file sizes
  • Modified Project Settings dialog to allow you to set the render extent corners more logically (WM will no longer swap corners around)
  • Fixed linked sliders issue in Height Selector
  • Fixed layout boxes from WM 2.2 not importing correctly
  • Reverted command line console modification from previous that sometimes caused crashes when executing a script from the command line
  • Added metadata carry-through for PNG format
  • PDK: Added ‘canonical’ query methods for determining if your device should be considered the definitive version instead of a copy (useful for communicating with outside applications)


All of the above plus:

  • File Input device now reads the alpha channel information from files and will output on the ‘Extents mask’ output, if present.
  • Fixed a crash on world load error
  • Fixed a Library Input crash if the file referred to does not exist

Where is link to download the fix?

as always, these are available on the update site:

(Direct Link:)

Awesome Remnant.

What a great start of the weekend.
Thank you for new release.