WM 2.3.7 Now Available!

A free bugfix and minor feature release, including the following:

  • Multithreading support for expander, voronoi, bias/gain, and terrace
  • Fix for route points not being deleted
  • Fix for groups unable to be deleted
  • BT format support now extended to older versions of the format
  • Various crash fixes, thank you for your reports!
  • Fixed regression regarding bitmap output not showing output properly
  • Various smaller fixes

Multithreading support alone made my day! Thank you stephen!

Am I right in understanding that I have to pay $99 for this minor bug fix? As this is what your site said when I entered my serial number.

Hi MrWobinson,

In the case of 2.3.7, I think you’ll notice that it is a free release available to everyone regardless of maintenance status; you will see it listed as the most recent Release Channel build available for you.

However, this is not the case in general! As we move towards WM3 and beyond, free upgrades are supplied for a year after purchase. You will always be able to download anything released during that time frame.

The upgrade policy is explained on the upgrade page:

After your first year of upgrades is over, you will no longer receive access to the latest and greatest new releases. You can buy another year of upgrades to continue to be able to upgrade to new editions. Unlike a subscription, your software will continue to function when your maintenance expires. You can download and run any versions you're entitled to, whenever you like.

We no longer will charge for major upgrades, like we did from World Machine 1 to World Machine 2. Instead, while under maintenance you will be eligible to download every major new version or bugfix to World Machine. Even after your maintenance period is over, you will be able to download and continue to use all versions released during the time you were under maintenance. And you can continue to purchase maintenance for as long as you desire.

This is our plan for the future of World Machine development. Instead of taking years between major editions, we’ll simply be continuously improving the program and releasing the changes as soon as they are ready.

Thanks for clarifying this. However, surely bug fixes will be provided free. I understand paying for new features but not for just fixing what should not have been provided in the first place - bugs.

Having said all this I am a big fan of WM and could not really do without it and am looking forward to v3.

As much as possible, I will try to make bugfixes on WM 2.x available for the imminent future, just as 2.3.7 was. This is mostly a factor of if the fix can be back-ported with reasonable effort or not.

However… I do believe it’s important to be clear that as we go forward further and the new version diverges, this will not always be possible. At some point, bugfixes in 2.x will cease. After all, WM 1.x certainly has bugs in it, but there’s no practical way to fix them 8 years after the fact, nor do I believe that it is reasonable to. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re looking forward to WM3, the next couple updates are shaping up to be pretty fantastic.

Any estimated time on a new dev version? :o

Getting restless! not enuff updates! ha


Multithreading support alone made my day! Thank you stephen!

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