WM2.3 Open Beta to Start Soon

World Machine 2.3 will soon enter open beta for all registered customers!

Although World Machine 2.3 is mostly a maintenance release to continue fixing outstanding issues, some small but important changes are also making their way into it. 2.3 also continues to clear the way for more interesting improvements in the future.

I talk more about what will be in 2.3 on the development blog: http://world-machine.com/blog/?p=216

More information will be available within a week or two of this post.

Good news Stephen. I look forward to the beta of one of my favorite programs, World Machine and Terragen2.

great to hear! looking forward to join the beta testing

Some of the various tasks to get the beta testing program going are holding things up, but it should be opened up by the end of this week.

You will be able to download the beta as long as you are a registered, valid customer. There will be a new forum here for testing-related posts as well!

Very sweet can’t wait to play !! :slight_smile:

I’ve opened up the subforum dedicated to the 2.3 Betatest.

Please go there for instructions on downloading and also for a central place to give feedback and report issues!

great to hear! looking forward to join the beta testing

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