Working on some tree placement

Hey, just wanted to share some work in progress on a tree/vegetation macro. Today I implemented a crude version of temperature in World Machine and guide the tree placement with it.

My attempts at tree placement used to heavily rely on the height of the terrain and that is still a very solid and quick emulation, however, it cannot take the sunny side of a mountain into account. Using temperature as the main parameter creates a more natural result, as trees are in fact quite limited by the soil’s temperature. A nice benefit is that this method also allows me to place snow based on that same temperature map. In the image you can clearly see how the tree line swirls up and down, ignoring the height of the terrain to some extent. Slope is also taken into account.

Oh, and the image without any text added to it :wink:


Would it be possible to make smaller trees? It gives a really good sense of scale.

Each tree is 1 px in width, roughly 6 meters in diameter, and 25 meters high.

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My guess on the shadow/cold part is that you used some lightmapping or angle selection.

That was my guess as well, Select aspect based perhaps or using the light generator in some way.

Then I thought @ParadoxSubject, if its not too many devices extra, your team (or HYLK) could roll it into the Custom renderer in some clever way, so we could get some realistic lighting and nice trees!

Their positions / density would change as you change the sun heading and elevation maybe?

quite a good guess :wink:

I don’t think the tree placement should be done in the “render engine”, as it is a very distinct and clearly separate operation that you’d also want to use without using a device to render your world with. The tree placement/density mask is very useful in third party applications as well.

I agree with you wholeheartedly there, but I was thinking about it as an extra to that
renderer as a special effect that can be turned on or off like the fog.

Really it would just be for fun, I don’t see the bitmap from that renderer being exported too often. Its just for visualising the world inside world machine to get an idea of how it will look in other applications.

Trees and vegetation objects are best created in the third party applications, from the renderer you could still make available as an output the placement/density mask.

If you make your macro available, I could see about rolling its processes into the custom renderer. In the end it would be optional and i’d probably get rid of the fog effect.

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