World Machine 2.15 BETA bugfix available

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

A hotfix is available to solve some of the most important bugs in the WM 2.1 release.

Fixed Issues:

[Device Functioning] Erosion multithreading issue sometimes causing partial erosion (Remnant) - resolved.
[Framework / UI] When using mask input, preview does not update in realtime (Remnant) - resolved.
[General] progress reporting has odd numbers (Remnant) - resolved.
[Tiling] Memory Leak on Tiled File input in 2.1 (Remnant) - resolved.
[Tiling] Added safety check for temp tiles (Remnant) - resolved.
[Device Functioning] Lightmap Maker Bug (Remnant) - resolved.
[Device Functioning] File Input memory leak (Remnant) - resolved.
[Layout / Explorer Views] Layout Gen produces invalid pixels (Remnant) - resolved.
[General] Lightmap device crashes on raytracing (Remnant) - resolved.
[Framework / UI] uppercase macro path breaks macros browser (Remnant) - resolved.
[Tiling] Misleading error message (Remnant) - resolved.
[Device Functioning] Mem Conserve, world won’t build (Remnant) - resolved.
[General] builds go backwards from proper order (Remnant) - resolved.

Remaining Known Issues
There are a few things that are still being resolved that aren’t in this patch, but will be in the final update patch:

Current bugs in this category include:

+Some file formats output flipped
+There are a few memory leaks remaining

Download Information:

Visit the original download link contained within your WM registration email to download the 2.15 Hotfix.

The patch must be installed atop an existing valid WM installation.


The 2.15 update should solve all of the issues listed above. However, the hotfix is considered a beta release and has not yet been put through a complete testing cycle. If you encounter difficulties after patching, you will need to re-install the original.

Since this build contains only bugfixes, if you haven’t encountered any of the issues you may want to hold off on patching until the 2.2 release (which will contain feature improvements) is available.

Speaking of which…a note from Stephen

On a personal note, make sure to check out the Development Blog, which will continue to contain my thoughts on progress and where things are going.

There’s been a lot of things going on for me personally behind the scenes, and I haven’t been able to keep up with the forums very well in the last few months. That will change moving forward, but it will take some time to catch things up, so be patient if you have asked a question or provided feedback and haven’t been answered yet! As always, you can email me at if you have urgent needs.

Also on a different note, I’m about to take a week-long trip to the American Southwest to visit the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Parks. Talk about a trip to provide inspiration for the next direction in which to take World Machine! When I return I’ll be posting a rough time-line for future improvements to World Machine.

Huzzah! Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Hope you have a great trip Stephen!

Thanks for the update!

That sounds like a great trip, Stephen. I’m jealous. :smiley:

Thanks for the update :smiley:

How can I get the download link… I dont have the original beta email that was sent to us here at 2XL.


Thx for the update, I missed the lightmap maker shadows…

Anyways I think I found a new bug, with the “Basic Coverage” Macro. Every time I use one in a project (with the 2.15 patch), it crashes WM at one point or another (Usually when I try to add a Output node or connect to any other nodes, and sometimes after I export a file), and corrupts the project file (crashes as soon as it opens).

Looks like something in the 2.15 patch doesn’t like the Basic Coverage Macro!?! Any idea?

2XL Games

That sounds similar to what I was having problems with
( )

Are you running the 64 bit version?

No I am running the 32bit version here at work, but had the same problem on my 64bit version at home, so I think it doesn’t matter which it is. I also got the same kind of crash when using the “Simple Layer” macro…so far I can say with certainty that both “Basic Coverage” and “Simple Layer” macros crash WM 2.15 randomly 100% of the time!

But I don’t think that this is a problem affecting all macros, as I am now using the “Colorize 2” macro in my project file and haven’t had a crash yet, but as soon as I add either the “Basic Coverage” or “Simple Layer” macros to my file, it randomly crashes WM and always corrupts my project file.

I’ll see if I can replicate this – I’ve gotten some error reports on a similar vein but haven’t been able to reproduce them. If it reliably causes crashes, it should be easy to track this down.

Thanks for looking into it.

The issue causing this problem has been fixed… it will appear in the final version of the WM 2.15 patch

Awesome! Thanks :smiley:

Any chance to expedite this? World Machine crashes whenever I build a world the 2nd time (works ok the first time). Makes it virtually impossible (and extremely frustrating) to work with the program.

Another “basic coverage” issue (both in 2.1 and 2.15):

  • Using the lightmap option in basic coverage (or the lightmap maker by itself) will turn off the water display in the (F8) 3D View.

It also seems 2.15 broke the “overlay view” preview. Doesn’t happen all the time, but once it does it’s really annoying (since this is the preview of the final output).

Lastly is it correct that the plugin PDK doesn’t work with versions 2.1 and 2.15? If so is there I way for me to download the 2.0 version? (I purchased the 2.1 Pro version)



thanks for updates it is helpful