World Machine 2.3.3 Available!

Hello everyone,

World Machine 2.3.3 is now available on the upgrade site. The change list is below.

The major push in 2.3.3 was getting important bugfixes out to people. In addition, some small but very useful improvements such as the “Show Info” button in the 3D View are likely to be appreciated!

More important though, the major focus on this release was paving the way for future releases that will be more feature-focused. To that end, the upgrade checking was improved to allow you to subscribe to either a release (stable) or development (beta) channel – From here out all new features and improvements will occur on the dev channel before finally migrating over to the release one. Also, WM will now (optionally) check for updates every week so that its easier to stay up to date.

I’m going to be sharing more information about development direction for WM in the next few weeks. Look for a newsletter about it as well as posts here in the forums. But for now, enjoy the 2.3.3 release!


New features:

Improved upgrade checking feature: subscribe to different update channels, weekly upgrade checks, and more detail in-app about whats new.
Added Show Info button in 3D View shows the max and min extents of the current heightfield
Added flip-common-edge to meshes, optional on mesh output. Slightly improves meshification quality of WM.
Clamp Device improvement: “find extents” now uses the full-resolution build, if available
32bit TIFFs on input are now normalized if they exceed a 0…1 input range
Double clicking on shape in layout shapelist now scrolls to that shape
Added notification API for plugin developers to support better communication with external programs
Added support to the automation system for scriptable tiled subsection export
Automation builds now report time required


fixed mesh bugs: tiled builds exported flat meshes, always_export had no effect
extra windows now work on single monitor setups
Fixed file inputs not taking UNC path regression
clamp now updates sliders/reports when finding extents
crash bug fix when updating view with no device selected
Fixed bug where user-specified scale was incorrect in file input, tiled file input
Fixed terragen .TER extents import bug
Fixed issue with output-morphing devices (Combiner, Chooser, routing devices) not morphing correctly, causing problems with devices being disconnected in the network
File input: blank areas not blank with user-specified heights

Some of the above will require a bit more documentation to use (such as the automation scripting support). Look for that coming up soon.

Head over to the Upgrade Site to upgrade. As always, if you encounter any problems or difficulties, please post about it in the forums here!

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Just downloaded this update and I’m thankful for all of your improvements!

I immediately tried the fixed tiled mesh export, and the new “Allow common-edge flip” as well. Everything’s going smoothly! I appreciate the Clamp Device improvement as well.

I greatly appreciate the “Show Info” button in the 3D View! I’ve been hoping for this, esp. since I use the Unity game engine where we have to manually set the heightmap’s height for terrains. It’s so simple, but so helpful!

I also am grateful for the notification API feature, as I’m starting to delve into API development now and I’m really looking into developing a Blender plugin to add Blender/WM2 support for World Machine eventually (I’m developing a series of powerful plugins for Blender and this will be one of them).

Even the improved “Check for Updates…” window is an appreciated nice touch!

Thank you, Stephen!


I’m glad the update is useful!

I haven’t uploaded the updated PDK yet but I will do so before the day is out. The notification features should make it much easier to do a communication plugin to work with other applications. If you have any questions, just post away in the plugin dev forum!

Just a quick followup: is now released which fixed a small regression that crept in involving macros not being flagged to rebuild when the world parameters are changed. It is now available on the update site.

Still can’t save window layout? doh!