World Machine Now Available!

World Machine is now available for all users. This is a recommended upgrade as it fixes some crash issues and includes a host of other fixes and small enhancements.

Fixes from

  • UV coordinates for meshes are now always properly normalized
  • Fixed layout view stopped responding when certain conditions are met
  • Made sever device connections actually behave like delete in terms of keeping wires intact
  • Made drop to surface behave better: if the layout generator is selected it will automatically use the source input if it exists, otherwise it will use the currently selected. Will also now report failure and tell what to do to make it work.
  • Fixed layout view crash when viewing macro parameters / parameter devices
  • Made layout view display parameter devices

Fixes from 2.3.4:

  • Cancelling a build causes builds to not work
  • Built-to now works inside macros
  • Fixed memory leak with meshes
  • Layout view now works inside macros
  • Route points are now retained when deleting or disconnecting devices
  • Connecting ports above the first one to a route point would connect the wrong port
  • Crash when moving device origins in layout view
  • Device list on left side now updates when devices/groups are moved
  • Device disconnect now reconnects the neighbors, just like delete does
  • Notification API now provides correct value for notifyBuildEnd()
  • Fixed parameter devices following outputs not showing up in the 3D view
  • Moving devices sharing route points might cause route points to move too fast
  • Automation scalar generator not correct in tiled builds
  • Too-long param names cause garbage
  • Giving/Taking layout shape parameters wasn’t updating the dialog or including the fade parameter

New things:

  • Mesh output now has scale output options for both kilometers and meters
  • Mesh output now has option for keeping the exported terrain at the origin or putting it where it lies in the WM world
  • “Coverage band” option that was not enabled before in Height Splitter is now available. Without a falloff parameter its not too useful, but that can be added soon…

All users (including Basic Edition) can upgrade now at the Download Center

Hi Stephen,
I have to ask – what’s the difference between the stable and development version, since they are both currently at the same build number? Does the development version just have extra debug code? Would you prefer those not using WM in a commercial environment use the development version to help (development?)

Hi there,

Good question. Right now both stable and dev are identical, so there is no difference in versions. However, as new releases occur they will drop first on the dev channel, which can be considered “beta” or otherwise under development and thus subject to change before reaching a final state.

When a release appears on the stable release channel, it means that the features in it are set and are unlikely to experience major or breaking changes.

Because of this, there are certainly cases where it would be wise to stay on the release channel for production work, as changes in how things function aren’t too welcome at the 11th hour. However, exciting new features will appear on the dev channel, so… its up to you :slight_smile:

Thanks! Since I keep all my stable and original WM files on a backup disk, I can always go back if I encounter a problem I can’t work around. So the dev. version it is, for me. :smiley:

I just want to say thank you very much for this update. I will check it out more today, but it seems to address the issue with building not working after the canceling builds that I noticed. Thank you for your continuous improvements and fixes to World Machine 2!

Thanks for the kind words!