World Machine 2 Preview Tour online!

Well I sincerely hope it arrives in your fall rather than ours. :stuck_out_tongue:

So… If I buy World Machine 1.25 today, I will get World Machine 2 for free?

Hi, have been away from the 3d side of thingts for a while but getting into it again and it’s great to see theres a new version coming soon, i just placed an order today so hopefully i qualify for the free V2 when it’s released, i recently got vue and this looks like it will work great with that also for landscape work. :slight_smile:

Everyone who has purchased World Machine within the last month should contact me (or wait to be contacted) for a special upgrade offer.

In addition, customers since January 1st will also receive an additional upgrade discount due to some pricing confusion due to the much-delayed release. In short, the free upgrade to WM 2 was intended to be only offered for a month prior to release, but release ended up being pushed back by 6 months to add several additional abilities and the website was never updated. The miscommunication is my fault, and anyone who purchased WM1 during that timeframe explicitly to take advantage of that offer can email me for several options to choose from to make things right for you! Email me at remnant@world-machine.


Just sent you a email :slight_smile: