World Machine 2 Preview Tour online!

I’ve released the first “official” look at World Machine 2, what is has to offer, and some fairly firm ideas on pricing and availability.

(There is a splash screen on the main WM website with the link)

Take a look and let me know what you think!

It’s been two years in the making, and although there’s some crucial bits to go we’re close enough I can feel confident starting to release a bit more public details. I’m pretty proud of some of the new abilities and features, but the real test will be once you have them in your own hands!

Looks good, would look better if the “New Features” were in the “New Features” box instead of partly in the frame. A side by side comparison between the different versions would be nice too, although I already know I’ll update to WM2 standard myself.

bloody… gah, I forgot about IE 6 handling web layouts differently. Time to fix some of these issues. :slight_smile:

edit: IE’s CSS handling “quirks” (to be charitable) provides all kind of fun, from half-disappearing text to a non-fixed menubar. If at all possible, I recommend using a standards-compliant browser such as Firefox. Not just for WM’s website, but as a favor to websites everywhere. I don’t have IE7 on this machine at the moment to test, hopefully they’ve cleaned up some of this stuff…

That looks great! wow :shock: so many new nice things in the upcoming release. So… can we pre-order it already and pay in advance ? :slight_smile:

/ Magnus

Upgrade Pre-sales will start once I’ve established a release date.

It looks really great, Stephen !

Yes. It looks fantastic.
Very cool new features.

I am beta-testing your preview tour page :stuck_out_tongue:
The url in the “release date” part of the page is not correct (World Machine Development Blog) :

That’s what I get for making changes “live”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! Glad to see it’s getting close to the WM2 release.
Really looking forward to exploring some of those new features. :slight_smile:

Some of the Best CG News I’ve heard in a long time. For me it’s a breath of Fresh Air and can’t hardly wait to upgrade and give it a go with TGTP. Thanks Man!

Looks great! upgraded to windows xp x64 just for this and will probably buy it as soon as it comes out!

I have a request. Can you please use the name of months rather than referencing seasons for release dates? The following statement:

“The current release date of World Machine 2 is still To Be Determined. However, it will be released with certainty this fall.”

means nothing to 1/2 of the world. Especially when few know where you actually live. So can you please tell us roughly what month World Machine 2 will be released in? Because I still don’t know.

Hi there,

yes, you’re right. Especially since Fall has passed here in the northern hemisphere. As always, delays are an unfortunate artifact of limited development resources. The official release date is To Be Determined still. We’re closer than ever, but some serious bugs and a couple other issues remain to be fixed before release can be considered.

:stuck_out_tongue: Oh Cor! WM2 and TG2 and Kerkythea all bringing out new releases all at roughly the same time. Time, time, not enough time for those in work. :lol: But for the wrinklies of this world still not enough time. But deep joy in anticipation. 8) Thanks Stephen.

I am wishing for new version of World Machine ! :stuck_out_tongue: Happy Christmas for all.

I’m sorry to sound like a broken record now, i know you been asked this alot before but how’s it going with the bughunt now ? getting any closer to a final release soon ? is there alot left that you still need to fix before it’s ready for being shipped out ? :slight_smile:

Ofcourse i realize not much actual work is being done now when it’s Christmas and New Years time for just about everyone, i understand that and i don’t expect you to work during those big holidays. I’m just asking outta curiosity now.

/ Magnus

Much respect for you wanting to get everything in proper order before
releasing Stephen. Good luck with getting the last bugs and final items
sorted out. We look forward to the new incarnation of WM with much
anticipation. :slight_smile:

Wow, Stephen - the new features look excellent - grats so far!

Hey all,
the Southern hemisphere’s fall is fast approaching, I’d certainly love it if WM2 were released in a month or so :!:


  • Diego -

“…The current release date of World Machine 2 is still To Be Determined. However, it will be released with certainty this fall…”