World Machine Cloud Build

Hi, so up until recently I’ve used world machine on my main machine and haven’t had much issues with needed to upgrade anything in order to build hi-res terrain. And now, I use a less powerful computer more often while I’m outside of the house and realized I won’t be able to build hi-res models.

My question is, will there be any support for “Cloud Builds” for world machine?
Aka, building terrains at higher resolution on a remote server in order to allow less powerful computers to use world machine at it’s best.

Hi there,

This is something I’ve pondered for a long time, and in fact some customers do successfully use WM Pro in the cloud with its tiled builds / scripting functionality. However, that workflow could charitably be described as “experimental” right now.

It’s not likely this year, but it is something I’d love to see for both pro and indie users.