World machine crashes and does not work

Hi! i bought Wrold machine for my windows 10 the 27 of december 2019 last year and i had a blast using it, but almost one month and a half it broke down, i cant open the program and when i do it just a white window and then it crashes, i have tested deleting and downloading it, used another version and deleting other programs to give it more desk room but nothing workt!! Skärmklipp 1.PNG|690x367

When we tryd to ask the helpdesk they responded to our first ticket but dident help us, then we send another and on that one they did not respond this was in febuary, now in marsh we send gmail and we havent got any respond on that either!

so i hope you guys on the forums could help me!

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To diagnose the exact issue here, I may need more information.

  1. What’s your system configuration? (hardware)
  2. What’s the exact windows 10 build version are you using.
  3. What exactly changed (system wide), when it broke down? Did you do any windows update, driver updates, policy edits? Did you save a new startup file, where you changed some preferences to the extreme? If yes, what were those settings?
  4. Did any of your other programs start glitching during this time? Did you check thoroughly?
  5. Could it be a hardware issue? Especially GPU? I’ll suggest some programs to test this in any case.
  6. I have the latest available build of world machine. On my end everything is working as expected.

Download “Rammon”, “cpu-z”, “gpu-z”, “NZXT CAM” if you haven’t yet. Very useful apps. Do not use benchmarks until you verify everything is working as expected.

hi! i have Microsoft Windows 10 Home, version 10.0.18363 build 18363

question 3: nothing really happend i did do any windows updates, driver updates or policy edits and i did not do the last parts!

Question 4: and i did not have any other problems with other programs!

5: i dont know on that part and would be able to test out if i would know those programs u suggested
if it is the onces you wrote i can go test them right now!

question 6: we have also tested older versions and they dont work either