World Machine Development Blog Begun

Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember the old Development Diary that I maintained during the WM .98/.99 days. It’s back, and better than ever!

Visit the WM Development Diary here:

Keep up to date with what’s brewing behind the scenes of World Machine. Interesting information on future versions, Progress Reports, and yes, some random thoughts are all things you can expect to see.

Among other cool features, it features an RSS feed so you can subscribe to the blog and see the updated. If you have an RSS compliant browser, you can subscribe directly from the blog itself, otherwise use this feed from your RSS reader:

That’s actually pretty cool.

But where’s the progress report on 16 bit bmp output? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Some exciting stuff really. Especially the tiled terrain and the overlays.

What is going on with the current status of World Machine Pro? Everything has been so quiet. No new TG2 alpha images, nothing on World Machine yet, even current terragen is lacking intreast it seems. :?

Hi Sethren,

although somewhat more infrequent then before, The dev blog is still quite active; I’m trying to post at least a message every week or every other detailing the kind of things being worked on.

Alrighty, no worries then.

Wow. The Layout Generator looks very interesting.
Keep on rocking.

Hmm I just read July 20, and I really think you should leave tiling output in the standard edition. :slight_smile:
Just cause it’s the only reason I’d have to spring for the Pro. But if I must, I will. :slight_smile:
Looking good!! Can’t wait!!

Your Dev blog has me feeling like a 10 year old 12 days from Christmas :slight_smile: Are we getting close to release?

haha no kidding! You’re not the only one… :wink:

Believe me when I say that it will be released the moment it is ready, and not a moment later! It’s been a long road, and the last phase in particular has been wearying as all the various components of the program compete for attention and the final polish to take them the last 20% of the way. Things are at the bugfix and polish stage; The focus especially has now switched to correcting behavior issues in various parts of the program that have to be ready before release.

If you had to predict a release date to within 4 weeks are we talking April, May, November- whats you best guess