World Machine does not open

My world machine simply does not open, fresh installs, exclusions from antivirus + firewalls and running as administrator dont help. However, it shows up as a background process. How do I fix this?

@battleship2345 Any more info about the problem? System specs, and world machine and windows versions in particular, will help.

Windows 10,
I7 9700KF
2060 Super
World machine version 4031
Windows version 21H2

I’m on the same windows build as you, so that’s definitely not it. Same with GPU, same series (2080ti).

Have you tried the development build (wm 4032)? If not, login with your key and download the latest development build from this link: World Machine Update Center

If the problem persists, check the quarantine section of your antivirus if any world machine files are there.

I just have the free version so I do not have a license key

Just a thought: If this is a new computer, make sure that Windows isn’t in S-mode. If it is, that’ll be why it won’t open, S-mode doesn’t allow you to run any apps/programs that didn’t originate from the Microsoft Store. It’s been a real pain for me at my day job.

Its not a new computer but ill check anyways

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