World Machine Learning examples

I’ve begun a resource for helping others learn to use World machine via examples, and possibly some document to help refine the search for each later as this collection grows.

The contributors name is in each file and each TMD contains notes to help you understand what was done. Hopefully others find them helpful, and if you have files you would like added to the resource please pass them on. I ask only that you make sure to include your name in the file so you are credited, and to try to create groups with notes on how your example works to make it easier for others to learn from.



Thanks Adam! Much appreciated!

Thanks a lot. Very helpful!

That’s a great idea and I think there should be an official repository for World Machine project files, like the macro library.

I find that looking at projects made by others is the most useful resource for learning World Machine, so instead of having only a couple of examples by Stephen itself it would be great to have a huge library with community submitted content, organized in categories, with descriptions and tags.

I honestly made this because it’s something I would have liked when I was learning. Now, two years of constant experimentation later… I know enough to provide that for others. :smiley:

I’ll do my best to continue to add to the folder over time… I have other files here, but I’d like to focus on techniques as much as possible rather than posting some of the insane node trees I’ve made. I had meant to do a series of videos to supplement these, but I have a backlog of videos to do, including some Terragen ones I’ve prepared but haven’t recorded yet.

Students graduate this week, so we’ll see what I can manage over the summer!

Brilliant idea.

Many thanks!