World Machine (Newest Build) crashes at least once an hour

Has anyone else experience constant crashing? It must have crashed 10 times today!

P.S I’ve still got an older build installed, it doesn’t crash to this extent.

Hi there,

Thank you for your crash reports.

I haven’t heard from anyone encountering any such issues. I suspect you may be repeatedly running into the same bug due to your particular workflow.

I see your crash files on our report server and will look into what is going on for you.

Have you came across anything Stephen? It seems to happen the most when I’m using the shape editor.

I’m definitely seeing some other crash reports come in clustered around the same issue, but I still can’t replicate it and make the crashes happen here, which helps enormously to be able to fix things.

If you stumble across a sequence of actions or a world file that consistently causes the crash, that would help incredibly. Otherwise, it’s mostly a game of deduction from the log files to figure out what is going on.

If I lock the preview frame to a node which has a few other nodes of processing and do something with a shape, move it, scale it, or add more, it’ll crash. Not always, and not exclusively. It doesn’t seem to be caused my gpu/cpu strain, as it only happens sometimes, and it could be a very small amount of processsing.

Further update:

I believe I may have isolated the root cause of the crash that you’re experiencing. Investigating further.


Build 4016 is available and I believe should fix a large number of these issues. I was able to track down many of the issues locally, while others were not possible to replicate. I’ve increased the amount of diagnostic information that should be captured which will help for any future issues.

Please let me know if you continue to encounter crash issues while editing your world.