World Machine Website updated; Gallery, more resources available

The new World Machine website is online!

Let me know if you find any broken links or other things that need my attention.

My goal with the new website was to do a better job of showing people why WM is a good solution for them, while also expanding the amount of information for existing users, and enhancing community.

The new community page shows you at-a-glance new macros, images, and conversation threads, which is very handy! The main page also now is dynamically linked to this announcement board so you can see what’s new easily.

There’s more to come, so keep on the lookout!

Great work :smiley:
Some things :

  • Some display problems with Opera 10.60 (no rounded corners)
  • The after-the-last image is not found (the one after this image)
  • My name is spelled “Villette” and not “Vilette” (here) :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see activity here, looking forward to more.

I see on the link to “Comparison Page” points to chart.htm, and not the comparison page linked to at the top.


I’ve updated the gallery code to now allow you to comment and rate gallery entries as well!

Behind the scenes, I’m working on fixing the currently discovered set of bugs to issue a 2.25 maintenance release of WM, along with the patching workflow in general so that it is much easier for everyone to patch up to the latest edition (as well as making it easier for me to push it out to everyone). I’ll post more about that on the WM blog soon.