About tiled build water node

I used tiled build output and found that the water node could not be built.

  • How do I output the water node to unity?
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I did a test about tiled build. It is found that the results obtained in the two output modes are completely different.

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There is warning, that create water does not work well with tiled build. I consider this serious issue, since tiled build is only way how to get some reasonable resolution. Anyway in small scale is workaround to use create water as template and make rivers manually according to it…

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You wouldn’t believe how upsetting is for me is that it doesn’t work in tiled builds.
So kinda upvoting the topic.

But after some thinking: what would we expect to export: a tiled mesh and a tiled flowmap?
I’d suggest a huge mesh for water, if it’s possible to make such a mesh that would fit a 16k tiled landscape precisely. Maybe specifically make it a lil’ wider to fit better into landscape.
And maybe meshes set for lakes and splines for rivers - there are some spline-based river assets on Unreal marketplace.
As of flowmap, i haven’t work with them yet, so wouldnt know for sure.

The issue with tiled builds and create water is that each tile is built separately. This is what allows tiles to proceed in parallel to each other, but for things like water flow this is a major problem as for example, a river that accumulates enough flow to form and then crosses a tile boundary will suddenly disappear.

You’re right, this is a major issue. I made sure to flag this limitation in the help center (https://help.world-machine.com/topic/device-create-water/). I very much want to fix this, but doing so requires a completely different approach to tiled builds where information can propagate across tiles. Allowing this without losing the performance benefits of a tiled build is not a solved problem yet.

As far as workarounds, you’re correct - for large tiled worlds, the best bet is to use create water only for tributaries, making the large tile-spanning rivers be manually created.

Water mesh is currently not usable for any game engine, because it has planar UV map and its topology is not much usable too:

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