Add pyramid (artefact)

Can someone guide me how to add Pyramid (artefact) to my landscape?
Can it bee done inside WM or do I need to add it like a mesh later on?


You can do that in World Machine! Use the Radial Grad device and set the Type to Diamond.

Regarding whether or not to do it in WM really depends on your use case. If you want to erode the pyramid, it can be a good option to do it in WM, but otherwise I think it is best to do the placement of such “non natural” objects outside of WM, as you will have more control over the object since it not part of the terrain mesh/heightfield.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for reply.
If I add
When I add this pyramide to the heigtmap with the combiner it will blend with the heightmap and the shape of the pyramide will not look consisted.

That depends on your blend mode. I suggest using a Max blend mode.

You can find more about blending modes and combiners in this tutorial.

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