Artist Point Project of the Day - Terrain Synthesis

I sort of ended up working on two versions of this project, working on one while the other rendered. Each of them focused on using the Flow Restructure device to synthesize terrain – one with a River and one using Coast Erosion, plugged in as the Drainage Input. I commented on each build, making them potential tutorials. I have the time and I’m doing the experiments for my own sake, already. It’s only a little more effort to make the .tmd into something someone else could learn from.

@Stephen - Like the others, you have my permission to adopt these if you want. Because I worked on them in tandem, they have very similar texturing, as you can see from the screenshots.

dev fiddle 211102 01.tmd (541.2 KB)
dev fiddle 211102 02.tmd (396.7 KB)

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Awsome i love them good job

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