Base for generating rolling plains?

I need to make a terrain for a farming community. What would you guys recommend as a base to start from? It needs to be fairly flat with some height variety and maybe some hills. So far I’m getting either too mountainous or too flat and bland.

Do you have some reference material? Imagery on the type of landscape you want to create and such?

Something like this:

Something like this?

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Yes! What did you use to generate that kind of terrain?

A very simple flat base terrain, then using a river system to carve out the river paths. Then, using varying slopes for the old version of the Thermal Weathering device, I’ve created the valleys. And finally, using the Snow device I emulated the dirt depositions, giving the smooth look.

Check the
rolling-hills-landscape.tmd (275.9 KB)

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Thanks very much for the file! I will definitely check out how you made this happen.

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