[Bug] Dependency function problem in macro parameters

  1. What happened.
    When the invisible effect in Dependency is applied to a parameter, that parameter disappears and the parameters below it are moved up one place in turn.This results in the wrong parameters being entered into the device.
  2. Does it happen consistently, or randomly?
    It happen consistently.
  3. The steps to reproduce it.

    Under normal circumstances:
    When the “invisible” condition is met:

-----After testing, the problem still exists in 4017-----


I wonder, if the ports are connected to a wire, do the wires move as well? If so, I guess this is intended behaviour but confusing. It would be better if said ports would get a different colour instead, indicating they are not visible or something.

I think this is the same bug that I’m experiencing.

the wires wont move,thats the problem :D,the wrong parameters will be entered into the device.

oh,that’s what it is, but it does lead to the wrong results.

Thanks for the bug report for good reproduction steps! I’ll look into it shortly.



This bug has been fixed in the next build of WM.


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