Build 4016.2 UI Changes & Snapping Issues

Hey all,

I have recently started using 4016.2 and have had been trying to find a few features, I am not sure if these have been removed or the location has changed.

These features are toggling on tiles and snapping options. I have been unable to find a way to show the tiles in overview and have been getting an issue with the shapes generator, where the vertices of shapes are trying to snap to the nearest point of another or same shape.


I have been struggling to find documentation on the changes and not seen this in the change lists I have looked at. If anyone knows of any documentation that would cover these changes that would be great.

Many thanks.

Hi there,

Welcome, and not a dumb question at all!

The good news: The inappropriate vertex snapping you encountered was discovered in 4016 and fixed in 4017 - Upgrade to 4017 to resolve that issue.

The bad news: The various display overlays shown above are not currently available, although they are on the docket to restore. The tile overlay in particular is very useful; Iā€™m looking at moving it to be a global display guide option similar to water level so that you can see it in all viewports.

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Great thanks!

I have also just noticed that when I save, close and open a world machine file it looses its project tiled build settings, this is originally an older world machine project. Tried recreating the project settings and saving after the loss but it seems to not retain the information.

Yup - also discovered and fixed in 4017 :slight_smile: