Building a graph in the background


I wondered is there a way to build a network in the background? A normal build is blocking world machine entirely and I cannot continue working. I know there are automation scripts but I never played around with them really. Maybe there is a tutorial for that somewhere? I know I could just run a second instance of world machine, do the build there and continue working on the network in another instance but I find this a little lets say inelegant and can lead to file confusion, unintentionally saving the wrong file and losing work etc.
Otherwise I would probably make this into a feature request to have an option for a “separated build process” that doesn’t block me from using the software.

If I’m understanding the question correctly, I would say that this is not currently possible (without the already mentioned workaround). I’m not even entirely sure how it would be implemented, as it sounds like you want to be changing parameters while the system is actively trying to calculate them?

If the idea is to be able to see higher quality while still being able to edit the device parameters, I would suggest that you instead raise the “refine until resolution” program settings.

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I think Quadspinner Gaea has this that when you want to do a “final” build you have a separate working process that builds out your network, so I guess the network you want to build is cached somewhere and you can just continue using the software and also the preview build in the viewport still works, of course only if your hardware can handle it.

I haven’t used Gaea a ton, especially not since it fully released, but from what I remember, the “final build” process opens up a completely separate, command line version of Gaea and builds from there, so I expect that it’s essentially an entirely different instance of Gaea, working from the saved copy of the terrain. That being said, I feel like it is still ill-advised to be changing parameters in the terrain while it’s being built.

There’s no way to do this currently.

The architecture of WM LTE does makes this possible; I’ve considered allowing builds to be be asynchronous. Of course, previewing new changes while building older versions in the background is going to be slower than only building, but it is certainly sometimes desirable to get a high res look at your world while continuing to iterate on the design.


I’ve added a featureupvote feature for this request. Upvote this suggestion if you like it!

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