Can I buy world machine without PayPal?

Hi all. I’ve been trying to get in contact with someone from World Machine to help buy a license but my support ticket has been open for over a year with no response and the Contact page says “This is an example page where your customers could reach out to support.”

My problem is my PayPal account was banned for some reason (they won’t tell me why) and I don’t see another way to purchase World Machine. Can I have somebody else buy it with their PayPal account and have the license be in my name somehow? Can I mail a check somewhere?

Any help is appreciated!


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Maybe you could registrate PayPal account on your family member, or close friend? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Thanks, I can do that but I’d like someone at worldmachine to confirm I can get the license in my name that way somehow since I’ll be using this for a commercial project.

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You can buy World Machine without PayPal, just use a card. If you click “Purchase” and follow that flow, you will see available payment options.

It jumps right to PayPal when I hit purchase. I don’t see any other options.