Cannot track support tickets

I opened a ticket for support team with an issue of WMN crashing all time after the loading screen, however i am unable to track any ticket i create, once the ticket is created i do not get any emails, i only see ticket number and when i try to track my ticket status it ask me to enter my email and the ticket number which i did and when i press enter i get access denied.
I try to register to sign up it says to register you need to creature a first time ticket, i create a new ticket and same issue, no emails sent me and cant track any.
Basically im stuck in this Loop as i think their support page is broken and i just paid $300 for a software that i cant use and it seems for me its like a ghost company where no one checking if the support site is working or not


Sorry to hear you’re having problem with support not responding. Maybe we can help you.

Can you share some more details on the crash? Have you managed to start WM at all? Reinstalling? What OS are you using, etc.

As far as I know it is not a ghost company, but it could be their support portal is broken and when something like that is broken, it often doesn’t get noticed too quickly.