CLICK HERE ! i would love it if u share some of your experience with me

Hello there,
world machine and Minecraft lovers

:: a message to the World machine team ( people how developed this )
u guys did a great job, it is an amazing software that I use for making Minecraft maps

Well I am NOT good at world machine, I would like it if u guys share some of your experience about world machine

and I would also like if u guys help me out how to make awsome maps using this software

u guys can also share some videos, screenshots, pdf ti help me I out

, I would love to talk to u guys and gain some knowledge


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Glad to hear you like World Machine as much as we do :slight_smile:

Regarding some knowledge, and seeing you have Discord, I’m part of the Terraformers Discussion Discord server that is mainly focused on creating Minecraft maps, but also for other applications, so maybe check that out!

As for some resources, I’m currently creating a tutorial series on YouTube, so you could check that out :wink: .

Also, the title of your topic really made me think this was a spam post as it is very clickbait and spam reminiscent, so I highly recommend to use a more appropriate title next time.


i am very happy that some one replayed

HYLK u have my respect

sure i will join your discord server

by the way if u talk about the title i had no idea good idea for it ( lol )

Welcome to the world machine community! :smiley:
See ya in the discord server, and hope you learn a lot!

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