Confusion With File Input Height Values

In using the File Input device I see that my heightmap is extruded slightly when using ‘Natural File Elevations’. I tested this by color picking the halfway point in my input file which read correctly as mid grey - 128 in photoshop, but when I output that same map directly out of the File Input device in World Machine I get a value of 149.
How do I maintain my heightmap’s value range?

Hmm, I actually don’t know. Maybe it has to do with the format you are saving it in? Can you confirm that the file you’re feeding into WM is the same as the file you have in PS? Because if PS’ output is not the culprit, we can scratch that from our list.

I ran through everything again and realised that my Mudbox output was RGB. Changing it to greyscale before feeding it into the File Input device fixed the issue. My bad ><

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