Copy and paste a node with wires already attached


as simple as the title suggests. Is it possible to copy and paste a node with the same wires the original had attached also attached to the copy? Would be super awesome :slight_smile:


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Yes you can, but you must copy the nodes to which the wires were attached as well.

Note: Wire points won’t be copied, sadly. Would be cool if this behaviour could be optional by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C, or, even better, if it can be a setting which can be bypassed using the Ctrl + Shift + C combination, allowing you to set the default to either with or without waypoints, and have the bypass just an extra keypress away. @Stephen ? :DD


Ah ok thanks for the explanation, with video even! Unfortunately that doesn’t help if I need the newly copied node to be connected to the same node as the original one. With this method I would need still need to redo the wiring (I am currently copying around library inputs/outputs with like 8 wires, so it’s a little tedious).

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Ah yes that is a bummer.

Another feature request! Whilst pressing down Shift and dragging the device, the device is copied with its wires connected like the target device.

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