Create a shape like this pic

question1:can i use shape tools to create a shape like this? and how
question2: i cant find scale in newest version,anyone know?

question3:can i draw a mask area to erode?

I don’t understand the context fully, but I’ll answer those questions in short.

#1) Yes, you can create polygonal as well as other geometric shapes with the “shape” node in worldmachine. You also have curve based control over slope of that shape.

#2) You can find your world scale in the “Project Settings” entry in the “Project” menu. Individual feature scales can be set within node properties of the generator devices, or wherever applicable in other nodes. In case of shapes, you can find scales on the right side bar if you select individual shapes in the layout view. Im attaching a screenshot, scales are on the properties bar in the middle of the screenshot.

#3) Yes, once you have your shape, you can use or abuse it directly in any sort of way, including masks for your erosion. Its all b/w image data, think of it as such, not 3D objects.

Hope it helps somewhat, good luck!

sorry,im not native speaker, i mean if i create a shape, can i measure the lengh and width?i only find height button in properties bar

shape like this

@hualiyujusang Like I said, your worldspace scale is found in your “project settings”. About the scale of your shape though, I’ve personally only ever eyballed it. In general, everything in world machine exists as a black and white image data, with luminance value denoting the height. The X and Y scales of your world are endless, and your “working extents” are editable.

That said, “shapes” do not have, or report, “xy” scale as far as I know. You can build a shape from corner to corner, and then do the math manually for now if you want absolute precision. I may be wrong though, I’ve been using world machine exclusively for landscapes so far. Specificity is not my forte.

@hamzaaa1988 May have more info regarding shapes, the only one I know who relies on that node heavily.