Creating high quality volcanic islands

I am trying to create some volcanic islands topology.
Is there a place where I can purchase or download some high quality presets?

@heavymetalfox Do you have any reference images for said islands?

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Hello Wfab, yes mainly like this

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@heavymetalfox I have some old assets you may wanna take a look at. It’s not exactly PBR, but all of them have masks for customization. No wm files though, they are very old assets. If you want I’ll send you copy. Let me know! Here’s a link

That said, I think the toughest part of that landscape may be that whitewater material lol! Island itself should be easy enough. No presets or examples similar to this one out there though. You may have to dig into the weeds of it yourself.

You can also start with a DEM file for the main island or erode from a similar obj mountain the rest is more about collecting a good amount of high resolution textures from Google satélite and refine in photoshop, I m referring to mostly what’s underwater and make sure you have interesting variations for the reef depth and perhaps make good use of UDIMS, and finally the vegetation scatter in your application.The ocean depth will be done in the water shader.

Thanks for the files, are they free?

I don’t have much experience with DEM files.
I actually just need the island shape.

@heavymetalfox No they’re not free. If you can’t afford a $10 expense, let me know. I’ll send you a copy.

That also goes for anyone else reading this comment. Just DM me through this comment directly.