Creating large islands

I’m looking for some ideas about generating a large island. I’ve looked around on YouTube, and the example worlds. I just wondered if anyone had a technique I might not be familiar with.
I’ve been experimenting with trying to construct a large island about 100km2. I’ve had mixed success, but mostly I can’t seem to get it the way I want. I always end up with the island being too shallow, without any interesting coastlines, or too steep in the middle, leaving no room on the surface. It’s for a video game.

It’s a bit old, but this video might help you

Or try watching this in slow motion

Generally try to work on different smaller regions by making your extents smaller and moving them around, then at the end render the whole map

Thanks. Wealth of new info. There’s a serious lack of advanced tutorials! The fast one has a crazy workflow. How is he able to work on big chunks of the terrain separately. Can you explain that to me?

From the explorer view you can add new extents or redraw your current one.
Then you can change between extents with the arrows on top of the small 3D preview

Ah yes. Thanks. What happened to the height chooser? If it began the multi chooser, it has two less inputs…

You can do everything that was included in the height chooser with combiners. I’d suggest you to go that way, it might also be a neat little riddle to solve to get more accustomed to the software

Maybe. I would have rather just had the height chooser and continue working on my terrain…It looked very convenient. Is it really so obsolete?