Custom Resolution for World Partition

Hi, I am currendly working on a open world map and ran into a little problem. I want to export the world as a single file with a build resolution of 12241 x 12241 because world partition wants it that way for a 12 km map. (511 x N) - (N -1) I am not exporting it as a tiled build because there are some bug reports that the world composition to world partition tool is a ram slog when using it on tiled terrain.
Now I am trying to type it into the custom resolution into the build resolution, but the resolution is resetting itself all the time. Any Idea how I can export the landscape?

If you are typing it as “12241 x 12241” or “12241x12241”, you only have to type “12241” into the box, and it’ll automatically set the resolution to 12241x12241.

thx I am kinda ashamed that i didnt try that way.

No need to be ashamed for something like that! We all need to learn the sometimes quirky behaviour of WM :slight_smile:

this bug is painful,it take me 1hour to find Resolution

I’ve run into this problem too. It never occurred to me to try that! I hope I remember what blattacker said the next time I run into it.