Discord Server/Community

I’ve seen some year old links to a discord server and I’m just hoping to get access to the community. Is it still alive and with open members?
My main goal is just general quick-fire help and troubleshooting. The tutorials provided are nice and all but sometimes I just don’t understand it…

Thanks in advance.

@MalusTenebra The discord community is quieter than this forum. You can join using the link below:

That said, I’d recommend posting here itself in case you need a quicker response. This is the only official channel of communication with developer, and active users of world machine. The rest are all community driven. I myself created a world machine community on FB, and it’s as silent as a grave most of the year (around 2k members). Same goes for the discord community. This forum however, is active when it comes to questions at least. If you still favor discord, there’s another community for minecraft crowd called “Terraformers Discussion”, you can ask @HYLK for an invite if that’s your speed. Again, I would recommend posting here, as most of us have this forum bookmarked. I’m personally here almost five days a week. Choice is yours!

Welcome anyway, hope this tirade was helpful somehow…! :sweat_smile:


Hey I highly appreciate the link and the tips.

If the forum is faster on it’s toes than discord, by all means I’ll stay here. Discord is just more of a hub for me and my usual routine.

For the moment I’m only putting together a smoke and mirrors example for a reveal trailer (we haven’t gotten to proper world building yet on the project, but we’re getting there!) to hash out a general feeling for the game.

World machine is… Amazing. I can’t wait to master it. But good god is it complicated with the advanced features :sweat_smile:


Only thing I gotta say, is that I’m guilty as charged… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup. My morning routine is literally get my wordle, nerdle, and quordle done, check world-machine forums, and then (and only then) get to checking/responding to work emails.


I had assumed I was already on the Discord for WM. Turns out I created my account through the Coding Train, not World Machine. I don’t mind that much that it’s a quiet community. I kind of go in spurts when it comes to social media type things. I am usually only on a particular forum when I’m working on a project specific to it.

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