Error occurs when saving heightmap

I am trying to save the heightmap to disk, but I get an error. There are more than 100 gb left on my disk. My memory is 56gb. What could be wrong? (Resolution is 1025*1025)

Given that a 1k file is small and you have plenty of disk space, it’s certainly not that.

So by process of elimination, it’s likely the second one : there’s a problem with the file path.

That looks like one of the example files - they exist in the Program Files folder, which is not writeable.

Your filename is specified as a relative path to the project file, so if the project file is in an un-writeable location, then so are any outputs.

Either save the file to your documents folder and then try to export, or set a filename manually to your documents folder, and you should be able to export.

When I changed the path, I was able to export. Thank you for answer.