Export as svg or vector?

Hi there.
I am fairly new to world machine, and Im still learning.
I have created some flow maps with erosion modifier, and I would like to export as a vector for editing in lets say Rhinoceros for example or another cad program? Thing is when I export as mesh output, the direction of the lines generated in the erosion is lost. I dont know if there is a way to do this :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot


As far as I know that is not possible. The flow lines are stored as raster image data, no vectors are stored, neither will the mesh have vector data. The only thing I can suggest is tracing the erosion lines from within your CAD program :confused:

Ah well thats a shame. would love to have that function. anyway i will find a way. thanks

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You could export as PNG from World Machine and then try converting Raster to Vector (Tracing) in Inkscape (Free), then export from Inkscape as Vector:

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