Export to Sketchfab

Hi there,

i tried to export a world machine world into Sketchfab, but the model had no textures. What should I export from worldmachine? I don’t understand the process and didn’t find any tutorial.

In the newest dev build you can export the material. Im not quite sure in what format of the top of my head, probably PBR, and I suggest looking up a tutorial for importing the given file extension. Hope this helps a bit!

Ah, ok, thanks HYLK.
I have the newest dev build, and aksed myself how to export materials, but I didn’t saw the new material generator…Now it’s clear.

There’s an example file included that shows how to export to glTF, which Sketchfab can directly accept.

Go to Open Examples, Artist Point Examples, “Optimized Mesh and GLTF Export” example file.

Superb, thanks Stephen!