Exporting Geotiffs 9 years later question

Just like the thread from 2013…
Can we assume that this is never going to happen?

Getting our terrain into Unreal… now requires a strange flow in the pipeline… Would be brilliant if Worldmachine could preserve this meta data

I’m not opposed to this feature, and I invite you to add it to the Feature Upvote for consideration:

However, it has languished as a possibility since it seems useful to a relative narrow niche of users.

Could you explain more about your ideal Unreal pipeline and what you have to do now?

World machine is great for making fantasy role playing games.
World machine is terrible for making modern games that can use Openstreet map, shape files procedural generation derived from Shape files etc etc. Workflow is x 1000 if you can build a level in a program like global mapper or QGIS.

My workflow with Unreal is using terrain with projection, so I can import 10000s of shapes with a few clicks… assign them a style sheet… and Im done. Entire road networks from open street map, shape files for populating forests etc.

World machine lacks the ability to properly import road .SHP files with .prj. The workflow just does not exist for real use cases. IF I trace my road network in Global mapper, I can do this on a 250km x 250km terrain at 10cm resolution… streaming it in… getting super accurate results… When the shape file is done… I can import it into any game engine that supports it. Its fluid realtime to work like this.

Ideally Worldmachine should pass the projection meta data back into the exported geotif.

I suppose it was an oversight not to add this feature 9 years ago because game engines couldnt handle big terrains. Some that did would be Armed Assault.VBS2. Unigine, unity, Houdini, blender, Unreal can all work with Georeferenced elevation. WC even supports it(ironically in germany WC=toilet)

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