Exporting the exact textures from world machine to UE4

I’m having trouble exporting the exact textures from world machine to UE4.
I watched and searched for tutorials that doesn’t explain this at all…

I attached 4 files to show you. So as you can see i managed well to import the landscape inside EU4 but of course it’s grey.

How can i do to import the colors i made and i see on the overlay ?

Thank you for your help!

Hi there,

There are a couple routes here, depending on what you want. But essentially, you need to create a material in UE4 and apply it to your landscape.

  1. Export a high res terrain texture from World Machine and apply that material to your terrain.
  2. Export weightmaps and use to choose between landscape materials.

Creating a landscape material for UE4 is an entire conversation to itself, mostly unrelated to World Machine. But essentially for #1 you can create a texturemap-based material just like you’d create for any other object. For #2, you’ll need to use the landscape material system. Here’s a workflow guide for doing so:



Thank your for your answer.
The tutorial seem good at first but after i did everything as it says 4 times, i have nothing in commun with the autor.
Also what he wrote is complete non sense.

See attached the first picture is everything i did according to this tutorial.

The seccond picture is what the autor say… He say " here is the result in EU4 " and "Here is the result in world machine " It’s totally different.

Plus, at one time in the tutorial everything changes without any hint and he even say : “The reason for this is the material’s layer blend. Whichever layer is last will always be on top. So, essentially, your grass is covering both your Cliff and Dirt layers. Reordering them fixes this issue. I thought it was important to highlight this. Please note however, that the order doesn’t affect hand painting layers.”
I don’t even understand the point of publishing a tutorial uncomplete where you have to change the order of everything as it should have been done before without the trouble of RE-DOING this.

Well, i feel like i’m going somewhere but definitely NOT close to where i want to. Why can’t we just export colors like in WM easely ?

For the record my export settings are in 2017x2017 as UE4 wants to so it’s working great, there is only this colours thing i can’t manage to do…!!