File Cannot Be Fully Loaded

Hello. I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting the second question in a row but after downloading version 2.3.7, every file my company sent me started to not load correctly. I am using the release version and just followed the download from the website.

Can you confirm that the files your company is sending are 2.3.7 or before? For me usually the reason files don’t load is because they were created in a far newer version.

And it’s not a problem if you post multiple questions in a row, though it has the preference to compile them in a single post of course :wink:

I would guess so too. Could it be because others are using the dev version?

That’s definitely a plausible cause. Maybe ask your team if your license can be renewed?


  1. Ask your company which “exact version” of world machine they used to create those project files.
  2. Install and activate THAT version of world machine using the method I described under your previous question.
  3. Instead of using shell extension, run that wm version first, and open project using “open world” dialog under “File” menu.
  4. If it still throws an error, tell us the exact error message it throws. That way we can help out better.

When asking question, try to be as descriptive as possible. As strangers to your work environment and your expertise, we have no clue how to approach the problems you encounter. Hope the solution described so far helps! :slightly_smiling_face: