File Input using Filename Templates

Hello. I’m working on a project that, due to it’s nature, requires me to manage a large number (200+) of unique file inputs and rough guides (200+ and counting). If File Inputs could make use of Filename Templates the way the export node does, that would help out immensely.

Additionally, would it be possible to add more templates, or to define our own? Something similar to windows environment variables.
<groupname> Use the current group name of the group that the node belongs to.
<filepath> Define a file path.
<custom> User defined template.

An example of an input node that I would need to set up:

Currently I’m using a single tmd with nodes loading each unique file in the project. Those are paired with automation variables in xml files to route the correct inputs into the network. Input Templates would make my job a hell of a lot easier and cleaner :slight_smile:

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