First world with LTE

Below is some quick terrain made with LTE which has many pluses and negatives in my opinion.

The first thing that I immediately noticed was that the camera in 3D view uses a different type of projection I believe orthographic(?), and I wish there was a setting somewhere that could change the type of projection used. The second thing I noticed was that build times are ridiculously faster than 3028, which is a massive plus in my opinion.

World Machine is getting better before my eyes :smiley:


What is reason for faster builds? Optimization of devices? For me this is most important, so I am quite crurious what happened.

Could be the preview builds. WM now builds your world in the background up to a certain resolution. If you then were to export on that same resolution, it’s possible more than half your world is already build in the background. Other than that, I haven’t noticed real speed improvements, tho the UI is a lot snappier and the overall experience a lot better!

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