Force visualisation of heightmap as bitmap

I ve noticed one thing. Any mask produced by errosion device is heighmap, but displayed as bitmap. It makes sense and WM does it since ever probably. Fun starts, when I use file input device and put such mask there, it is displayed as heightmap (because it is heightmap). If I switch it to bitmap, I cant use operations like add together with heightmap. Which again makes sense, so I need to use it as heightmap. It does not prevent anything, but you cant just see what mask does, heightmap visualisation is not much friendly for this. It is possible somehow set input device, so visualisation behaves like it was generated by errosion device (height map displayed as bitmap)? Thanks.

I believe that what you’re looking for is the “output display hint”.

Right click on your device and around the 5th item down will be the “Output display hint” submenu. Choose “Mask”, and the heightfield will be shown as a flat greyscale

Exactly, thanks a lot! Didnt knew this one. Thats exactly why I like mature tools like WM, these issues are already solved.

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