Forgotten hills

This is a terrain I created during 2020 lockdown. Wasn’t intended to be released, but was more for my own sanity. This one has been my go-to stress ball, tweaking it whenever the current project became boring. Tried to get it updated, without destroying it’s original look, for WM Artist Point. It has become impossible to update it anymore, and I can’t get it to look the same with PBR shaders. So decided to dump it finally.

Deleting all production files, keeping just the previews I rendered while testing things. The texture is entirely built using world machine, before those fancy tiling features came along. These are last of the previews, 19GB worth of data already deleted. I’m kinda emotional lol!

So here’s a toast/post, for the hero sacrificed at the alter of a better future!

Original post: A random personal project

Last previews:


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