Funny challenge

Hey, in for a funny/small challenge?

Try using a Flipper device to rotate an object around like so:

Good luck!

Found a solution? Be sure to put it inside a spoiler to prevent others from seeing it by accident.


Hint 1

When controlling a checkbox parameter with a scalar, all values ≤ 0.5 will be converted to a false value and all values > 0.5 will be converted to a true value.

Hint 2

You only need one arithmetic device. Think about whether you need it to clamp or rollover ;).


Here you can find my solution to the challenge.

Flipping (12.9 KB)

This was a fun challenge! My result is below, followed by my solution (and an explanation of it)!

My Solution

So I wanted a full 1.0 on the parameter to roll back to a default state (since 0° and 360° are the same value). I think it could be done using only one arithmetic device if you don’t care if 1.0 resets it to default, but for the results I wanted, it needed that extra .01 added to the X flip. Also the values are set so that everything moves at what I considered to be the “expected” value (one location at 0/1, a different one at 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75).

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I was messing with this a bit more, and have made an escalation to the challenge: Starting with the macro created before, make it so the macro can place the object anywhere on the edge of the world like so:

So, I suppose you are using a displacement device to move it around, and I wonder if you cherrypicked the dimensions/limits of the offset slider to prevent it displacing the object out of the terrain. Am I correct?

Yeah, that’s exactly correct! And then the checkbox sets a 90 degree rotation to the displacement when enabled.

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