Game changer

My 16k world build was taking around about 7 and a half hours. Kind of painful to sit and watch it, even with it running fairly unobtrusively in the background. It also means some I’m memory limited I have to output the world at various stages to file since I don’t want to regenerate the whole thing for a small tweak down the line and I’d disabled retaining interim steps to save memory.

A friend suggested I set up an on-demand AWS instance, so here I am with a 96 core 180gb memory instance that costs $8 an hour to run and takes 30 minutes to build my world. Neat. All I have to do is remember to turn it off afterwards…

I can really recommend this. Setup only took about 40 minutes and it’s all hooked up to dropbox.

That sounds very interesting. Could you share a link or something? I’m not familiar with these kind of things.