Geoglyph unavailable now?

I bought Geoglyph years ago and haven’t touched anything fun in like four years. I know Gaea is a thing but I can’t even download Geoglyph now? Not fun.

It is no longer available indeed as far as I know. Sucks there is not even a legacy version available :frowning:

No more plugins will appear unless a new scripting or plugin development architecture gets implemented. So don’t hold your breath lol!

Here’s a feature request for “python scripting” support, show it some love if you want outside collaboration to start up again.

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This is interesting. I actually found an old install on my machine. I wonder if I can just copy over macros and have them still work.

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@mpaquin Activation of license may cause an issue. The last supported wm version was 3023, for geoglyph 2 (if I remember correctly). Do let us know if it works out!

It definitely did not work. I suppose smarter people than I have tried. So unfortunate.

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