Green base ? brown base?

I want it to be this

But what I am getting is this

the brown base is making more lands around the initial lands (I am using layout generator/shapes) but what it should do is just make an the mountains and not make anything outside it.

Sorry for not being able to properly describe the problem but I just don’t know how to ask this question.

Update: It’s supposed to be the background value in the most recent updates so it’s working for me now but still can’t understand how the values work cause in the first pictures file the value 0 make all the background green but in the second picture the one that I am trying to make only makes the background green when it gets to 500 value

Update still not getting the desired result after using the background value…

The result I want
OpenWorld.tmd (233.6 KB)
(It’s from a YouTube tutorial on making multi biome map)

But the result I am getting
southernland1.tmd (100.1 KB)

Update: Found a work around but still don’t know how the tutorial one was made.

The work around:

The combiners Method should be at Multiply and the Strength at 1.

And when attaching the other biomes use a “Combiner with Add Method” and attach all the other biomes and main terrain together.

Do you mean you want to understand how you can flatten the terrain surrounding your island?

yes like I only want advanced Perlin to affect the place that I drew on the layout generator and ignore the place around it.

Try plugging Shape Mask Output into the Mask Input of your Perlin:

I think it’s a mask that you need, but there are many ways to do something like this. You could use a Height Selector and / or a Clamp device with a mask for example.

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