Heightmap to Mesh Size

I made a heigtmap that is 4kmx4km in a 4096x4096 pixel res . Res =1m/pixel
When I export to a mesh what Target kTri count shall I aim for? 16,000,000 ?

So I am thinking 4000x4000 pixel =16 000 000 vertex /3 =5 333 333 vertex.
I will go with that

My calc seems to work. I ll take it!

If you want the full resolution of the heightfield, there are two triangles to each grid cell. So (w-1)*(h-1)*2 would be the full number of triangles you can extract.

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Thank you! Right on the money!
This will make a Hella big mesh!!! Maybe Heightmap ROCKS vs mesh?! :sunglasses:


Max kTri count is 16000, I need 33538

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